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November 29, 2012

Albany paralyzed by Blizzard & Global Colding!  The temp dropped to -1C/31F.  A trace of snow brought the city to a halt.  Experts expect the city to be up and running within 72 hours!

Tolkien – The Hobbit

November 25, 2012


I just finished up the “20” questions for the Times Union Editor. Actually, it turned out to be 55 multiple choice & 22 single answer, except for the one about the Dwarves.

I’ll be meeting the editor for a natter over coffee tomorrow. I hope, he likes my questions. It was great fun to do.

Great preparation for my Skype call with an HS English class doing The Hobbit. I might be able to answer their questions.


November 20, 2012

I have just been asked to come up with 20 multiple choice questions on The Hobbit for a quiz in the local newspaper.  This will loads of fun to do.  I shall begin work on this on the morrow!

Turkey Day!

November 19, 2012

Ah yes, Turkey day!  Instead of Denny’s I’ll be enjoying turkey breast at home.  To celebrate the occurrence I’ll be baking  up a pecan pie.  Lin not to be outdone is baking up a pumpkin pie.  Oh yes, potatoes, french cut string beans with almonds & mushrooms.  Yum!


November 15, 2012

Yesterday was quiet until the computer began acting up.  I couldn’t connect to the web.  It turned out to be the fault of the McAfee security suite.  Simple solution.  I uninstalled McAfee.  Lo & behold up came the internet!  I then went & installed Avast.

Not much justice here.

November 13, 2012

This punk should do some hard time.  Maybe break his fingers.


“Just another misundertood artist…” A 15-year-old hacker known as Cosmo the God has been sentenced to six years of no Internet access. Even though Cosmo was found guilty of multiple felonies (credit card fraud, identity theft, bomb threats, and online impersonation) his lawyer whined that the sentence imposed on this “bright, gifted kid” was “like taking away Mozart’s piano.”

Read more:

A new beginning

November 12, 2012

You know, this is just the time for moderate Republicans to form a Conservative party.  Actually, they might draw a few moderate Democrats to them as well.

Conserve what is good, and correct that which is faulty.

As a start I recommend an old, but not entirely outdated book on how to become a politician, not candidate: Robert Heinlein’s “Take Back Your Government” – 2012 edition.

If one doesn’t like the results of an election, then work to correct things, not carp.  Don’t like candidates, then run yourself!

Go for it!

Subject: Chemo # 16 & 17 &18 – Update!

November 10, 2012


September was busy month.  On 10 September I met with the urologist’s PA to set up my stent replacement, which will occur on 27 September.  On the 12th I met with the oncologist followed by Chemo #16 [only 284 to go].  Neulasta on the 13th.

Enervation set in over the weekend coupled with loss of taste.  Sheesh!  On the 18th  I met with the GP for a Pre-op physical.  I’m alive.  I also got my flu shot.  On the 19th in for my biannual dental cleaning.  On the 20th I went over to AMC for the Pre-op there.  They surprised me by completing it in 2.5 hours.  The last two times it was about 5 hours each time.  AMC claims it only takes 2 hours.

On the 27th I went in for the stent replacement.  The 2PM surgery took place about 6 PM or so.  AMC strikes again.  It took 4 attempts to get in the IV.  I was a little bit dehydrated by then.  I won’t be next time.  The one downside was being catheterized for 4 days.  To say this was uncomfortable is to understate it.  Nevertheless I found a way to disguise it so Lin & I could drive out to the Higgins Armor Museum in Worcester, MA, for their Middle-earth Day.  Very nice.

I’ve had some minor [?] problems with my plumbing, but livable.

On the 1 October I had a meeting with the oncologist’s PA.  Appointments set up.  Afterwards I went over to see the urologist’s PA for catheter removal.  Sigh of relief.

On the 2nd I had both Chemo #17 [only 283 to go] & Zometa infusions with Neulasta on the 3rd.

On the 11th I had my hormone shot.  Doctors, doctors, doctors!  I was feeling well enough to attend ALBACON on the 19th & 20th.  It was good.

On 30 I had Chemo #18 [only 282 to go] & Zometa infusions with Neulasta on the 31st.

PSA seems to be holding steady.

I’ve managed to avoid ERs.
Using Tea Tree Oil on the fingernails that haven’t come loose.  I’m using Lavenderon the loose ones.  However, the rot has spread to a couple of fingers on my left hand.  L  I’ve now lost 3 fingernails.

Need a description for a horror film or novel, let me know.  Can send photos.

Still somewhat fatigued, but feeling better.  A cold doesn’t help.  I can’t take aspirin.

Nevertheless I did get out on the 3rd to catch a couple authors reading, vote on the 6th followed by more book signings, & bought my ticket fior The Hobbit premier on 0001, 14 DEC!

My new computer arrived a week early.  Lin will be setting it on the 10th.

More anon!

The Tolkien Conference is gaining members.  How about you! .

I also hope to take a couple of short trips over the next few months.


Room Rates, Movie tickets, & Line Party, Oh My!

November 7, 2012

A couple items today.


Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center
219 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
+1-800-543-7801 – Group Name: Conference On Middle earth
+1-978-692-8200 – Group Name: Conference On Middle earth

Room Rates!   We have Room Rates!

Room rates have been set. To get the fabulous, same as 2011 room rates of $119/night, you have to call the Westford Regency. As a stand-alone hotel, the online registration is thru a service that charges a fee, which would raise our rate. Tell them you’re with the Conference On Middle earth to get this rate.
> > If you are international and don’t want to make potentially expensive long distance calls (“Can you hold please?” *click* [music…music…music…]), contact to work something out.
Operation Early Catbird Seat!
I have secured my ticket for the Midnight showing of The Hobbit at the Regal Cinema in Crossgates Mall.  I’ll be watching the 3D IMAX version.  I’ll check out the other versions later.
We will be holding a Line Party for the premier.  Come join us.
It is still up in the air as regards TLOTR Marathon on Saturday, 8 DEC.  It would be nice to see all 3 extended versions on the BIG screen.
Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo!

Not all those who wander are lost.

Thain Peregrin Took II
The 3rd Conference On Middle-earth, Part 2

Great Smials
Tuckborough, The Shire

Buying from DELL is Hell!

November 2, 2012

Hmm, I’ve been trying to buy a  computer from DELL for the last 2 weeks.  First, they lose the initial order.  Then when I called about the 2nd order, they told me I needed to be validated.  When I finally, got to the validation number, non-human of course, I was given an invalid UPS shipping number.  Any human I spoke with was in Mumbai.  No Americans needed, please.  An none were able to solve my problem without transferring me to somewhere else.  DELL sucks in costumer service.