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Combat Wombat

April 28, 2013
Combat Wombat and his Saturn ~Lin Daniel

Combat Wombat
and his Saturn
~Lin Daniel

Wombat and wombat

April 26, 2013

or “jan and prudence”

wombat and wombat

Wombat and wombat,
jan and Prudence

Hutt River Province, Prince Leonard and jan

April 26, 2013

I found a couple of pictures, one labeled “Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley” followed by an unlabeled picture of jan with these same two people.

Prince Leonard and Princess Shirley

Prince Leonard, Princess Shirley, and jan





























And then I found, in a completely different part of the house, the explanation.

Hutt River Province and Prince Leonard

The Wombat’s Visa to Hutt River Province

The things I find…

April 15, 2013

Archeology At jan’s House continues. On jan’s dresser I found a sample of Nyquil in New Cherry Flavor, an unopened small bottle of Irish Mist, some really old chocolate on a stick with the label “I had a HOT time at Nadia’s Bachelorette party!” and the image below. jan was fan guest of honor at Arisia 2001, and Ben Bova wrote the appreciation.
~Lin Daniel

jan howard finder, Arisia Fan Guest of Honor, 2001. Appreciation by Ben Bova.

Rainbows from history

April 11, 2013

From a niche in jan’s bookcase, well ok, tucked in a brick making up part of “boards and brick bookcases”, comes these two slides, tucked in a folded bit of paper. Yes, they’re dusty; some of that wouldn’t come off. The only identification is on the slide frames: Sept 68.

Slide dated Sept 68

Another slide dated Sept 68

Picture Identified!

April 8, 2013

The original picture posted on Facebook, followed by a copy of the plaque I finally unearthed.

Archeology at jan’s house has found a true puzzle. What is this a picture of? What event, award, celebration…or not, is this? They all look so solemn. All have their plaques at just the right angle so the reflection of the light blocks the name of the group.

And here is the solution to the puzzle.

And here is the award, unearthed from where it was stacked with several other framed awards.

Continuing Archeology – very early pics of jan

April 7, 2013

These are items I would not have found in my normal straightening of jan’s place. These were in a box on the shelf in his closet, with bits and badges from cons, assortedĀ correspondence and magazinesĀ from the late 80s and early 90s.

very youn jan

Black and white, possibly a very young jan.

jan and his parents

jan and his parents

jan skiing

I believe this is jan skiing, with an early version of his beard.