The things I find…

Archeology At jan’s House continues. On jan’s dresser I found a sample of Nyquil in New Cherry Flavor, an unopened small bottle of Irish Mist, some really old chocolate on a stick with the label “I had a HOT time at Nadia’s Bachelorette party!” and the image below. jan was fan guest of honor at Arisia 2001, and Ben Bova wrote the appreciation.
~Lin Daniel

jan howard finder, Arisia Fan Guest of Honor, 2001. Appreciation by Ben Bova.


One Response to “The things I find…”

  1. Sue Bursztynski (@SueBursztynski) Says:

    Lin, thanks for this. I’m having a memorial Friday afternoon at Conflux. We can’t do a wake in the hotel, though I might invite people to the bar afterwards, but will print out and put up some of the stuff you have here, and maybe read from his favourite bit of The Hobbit.

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