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An interesting article.

September 11, 2012

I highly recommend the article by Michael Grunwald in the 17 September 2012 issue of time: One Nation On Welfare.  Living Your Life on The Dole.

If you don’t subscribe to TIME, copies should be available at your nearest library.  The article may not be what you expect.

What is in it for you!

August 18, 2012

Ever wonder what NASA does for you?

Check out SPINOFF:

Bears blow it!

April 28, 2012

I see the Bears having no backup quarterback, didn’t pick one in the draft.  Oh well, if Cutler gets hurt again, they can bring in the waterboy or girl.

Of course, they  could have gotten Kellen Moore cheap and worked on him, but that takes foresight.

Get on the Road Day!

April 16, 2012

Monday was a marvelous day.  Mostly sunny, temps reaching 35C/94F, & a good breeze.  Lin & I headed down the road, after taking the top off of Red Shift, to Cooperstown & the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I, of course, wore my Cub Jersey. 🙂  It was so nice to get back on the open road!  I think, I got a little bit of sunburn.  🙂

12 in a Row, 79 to go!

February 12, 2011

UCONN women’s basketball team has now won 12 in a row.   Only need to win another 79 in a row to break their record.

Biff, Bam, Boom!

August 1, 2010

Oh cool.  I just found the Albany Roller Derby site.  I must go to one of the matches this coming winter.

Sex & violence!  How much better can it get!

SNOW! I can’t believe it could snow in NYC!

May 26, 2010

I find the whining by the sports writers over the chance of snow for the 2014 Superbowl amusing, if it weren’t so stupid.

Hey dude!  Football is played during the winter.  Snow happens!

If one is so worried, then move all football teams to the southern border states and only during the summer months.

Jeez!  What wusses!

A film worth seeing.

January 5, 2010

I recently saw “Invictus.” While anything but a rugby fan, I was fascinated by how the game, especially the Big Game caught up the country.  I had seen some material on the back story to the film.  It gave me a better idea of just how great a statesman Mr. Mandela is.  —  While the movie is slow paced, it is by no means boring.  The scenes of the slums reminded me of “District 9.”  —  I can highly recommend this movie.


October 12, 2009

I guess, if you don’t meet the specs of the far left, you can’t own a baseball club.

I’m NOT a ditto-head.  I don’t listen to Rush nor would I go to him for insight.

However, who the hell do they think, they are in saying, I can veto you over your politics none of which are illegal.

If a Jackson or Sharpton were to try and buy a team and were told, their politics made them unsuitable, boy would you hear all the race BS flying.

Let Rush spend his money as he sees fit.

A Visit to Wrigley Field & Dinner with Friends

May 9, 2009

Tuesday, 5 May 2009. The day dawned partly sunny.  It was cool and going to be a great day.  It felt good to put on the top part of my Cubs uniform.  The Cubs camp was one heck of a week.

I may use of the 24 hours I had to use the computer online and cleared up my e-mail and caught up little bit on the diary.

Oh yes, my diary entries may sound a little funny as I am dictating them using Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  If I really used it a lot, would probably work even better.  I tend to use it only on trips.  However it is a neat gadget.

I got underway under partly sunny skies and got over to Bev Friend’s place a little after 10.  The drive is slowing there is a slight detour because a train was blocking the road.  We gathered up our stuff and headed out.

The drive down was easy enough and when we got to the ballpark there were people already lining up and we found a parking lot adjacent to Wrigley Field.  Of course, this cost a small fortune.  Bev had suggested that she drive and would pay for parking.  I don’t think either she nor I expected the costs be quite the size was, $50.  I did chip in, of course.

We took some photos while waiting outside as the gates open at 11 o’clock.  There was quite a large number of fans we begin in when the gates opened.  We found our seats with no problem and they were quite good.  They were in the fifth row just to the outfield side of the Cubs dugout.  I try to get an autograph or two but they weren’t signing when they went out to practice.  By the time they got back and were signing autographs the mob scene was little bit too much to fight.  One of the Andy Frain[sic] ushers had also been at the 45 World Series.  His dad took him when he was eight.  I guess there are at least two of us alive who were there.

The weather was quite nice it was overcast and there is a light wind blowing in from the lake but it was not chilly.  Unfortunately, the Cubs lost 6 to 2.  The game was well played but disappointing.  One factor that may have been involved was the fact that a number of the starters had been benched and many of the players were the backups.

Disappointed we headed back to the car and drove back to Beverly’s place for a snack though we did stop for tea along the way.  While at Bev’s she was kind enough to write a check for me so I could pay for my tiny share of the two racehorses.  The check went out in the mail as we left.

We headed over to a nearby Chinese restaurant for an absolutely smashing dinner.  Joining us for dinner were Bev’s friend Irv, Nancy Goodman, Phyllis and Alex Eisenstein, Diane and Bob Blackwood, and Neil Rest.  Needless to say we had a rather excellent conversation ranging over a wide variety of topics.

I stopped for some very needed gas on the way back to the motel, showered, read and tried to get a good night’s sleep.