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Bloody bastards!

June 27, 2012
Need a way to kill them off!
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Subject: Fwd: Fw: What is a calorie?

Calories are the little bastards that get into your wardrobe at

 night and sew your clothes tighter.


Protons have mass?
I didn’t know they were Catholic.

US Immigration

June 25, 2012

I recommend a couple articles from TIME.  If you don’t subscribe, the local library would have a copy.

“Broken & Obsolete” by Fareed Zakaria in the 18 June ’12 issue.

“Not Legal. Not Leaving” by Jose Antonia Vargas in the 25 June ’12 issue.

Both cast an interesting look at US immigration.

Oh yes, I do support the “Dream Act.”  It is at least 10 years overdue.


June 25, 2012
A man boarded a plane with six kids..
After they got settled in their seats a woman
sitting across the aisle from him leaned
Over to him and asked, “Are all of those kids yours ? ”

He replied, ” No Ma’am, I work for a condom company.
These are customer complaints. “

Time for some dancing!

June 22, 2012


Route 66 article

June 21, 2012
This is a very neat article on Rt. 66.
It is great for kids as well.
The Vrooming & Wandering Wombat

Not all those who wander are lost.

VJ Day, Honolulu Hawaii, August 14, 1945

June 21, 2012



June 21, 2012

This is one scary ride – in Russia.

6-Flags will definitely want to incorporate this

into their theme parks!

A great way to induce vertigo.

 We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public (most of the time).

Go Space!

June 21, 2012

I like this and will most likely contribute.

On the road again!

June 19, 2012

Spent Sunday driving up and back to the ST:Phase II shoot. I went with my neighbor, Julie.  I wish I could have been there for the 2 weeks, but Health stuff makes it impossible.  Bummer.

Nice and warm & sunny.  Had the top stowed for the drive back.

It was good to get on the road again.  I love road trips.

Subject: Chemo # 10 & 11 &12 – Update!

June 19, 2012

Sent: Tuesday, 30 May, 2012


I may have sent part of this before.  Brain down for servicing.

The period between Chemo #9 on 3 April and Chemo #10 on 1 May was relatively quiet.  No real complaints.  Not that I wasn’t running up my co-payments.

I met with the urologist on 2 May.  Discussed the stent replacement.

On 4 May I had two fillings replaced.

On the 8th I had my pre-op over at Albany Medical Center.  This time it only took 4.5 hours for a 45 minute exam.  I was NOT amused.  They will be getting a very nasty “Ahshitogram!”

On the 11th I had my Pre-op exam with my GP.

On the 15th I went in for my stent replacement at 2 PM.  I got home at 8:30 PM.  I sat for 2 hours prior to getting prepped for the surgery.  The prep took 2 hours.

I met with the oncologist on 25 May.  The not so good news good news as my PSA edged upwards.  The oncologist wasn’t too worried.  I also had the usual blood work done.  The numbers will be more significant.
My plumbing continues to give me some problems, but they have remained minimal, thank G-d.  The severity of the problem varies from day to day.

The RBC count has remained high enough that another transfusion has not been required.  YEA!

I am still quite tired and run out of energy easily.  Fatigue is an off and on again companion.

I recently realized my hair was growing back a little bit.  It is fine & white, 😦 .  No beard, tho some strange feeling bristles show up.  I’m still managing to hold the nausea at bay.  The meds and ginger seem to be working.

My taste buds have not recovered.  Such is life at the lunch counter.  After Chemo #10 everything tasted horrible for about 10 days.  Thereafter, it was merely poor.
I had Chemo #11 [only 289 to go!] on 29 May.  I did learn that my PSA had dropped fractionally.  Is good.

I also have some scans coming up in June.  Oh joy!

Meanwhile back at the ranch I’ve been keeping busy.  I hope to be soon be crashing Cessnas.  🙂

As usual, I became enervated on the 4June which continued until about the 5th.  I was able to meet up with some Rt. 66 Roadies on the 2nd for brekkie & a tour of the “Rider Route 66 Museum” afterwards.  I did have to call it quits about noon.

For the first time in MONTHS! I had a week with no doctors’ appointments.  Don’t expect this to happen again anytime soon.  [Well I do have a couple of 10-day trips planned to attend cons this summer.]

I had the bone & CT scans on the 13th followed up with a meeting with the oncologist’s PA.  I berated her & asked her to pass on my feelings to the oncologist.  I finally noticed, when I refilled the prescription that Prochlorperazine, the drug is an anti-psychotic.  I will not stand for be made sane!  However, I did notice, I was able to tolerate “normals” easier for the days when I took the drug.  Disgusting!  Normalcy is vastly overrated!

I met up with the cardiologist on the 15th.  He said, I still had heart. 🙂

On the 18th I learned how to catheterize myself.  Oh frabulous joy!

Off to Chemo #12 [298 to go!] this afternoon.  First, do my laundry!