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A couple meetings.

May 5, 2008

Thursday, 1 May 2008.  I spent the morning sorting things out with the company, which sent the package, it was my portable hard drive that had I crashed on the Route 66 trip.  My neighbor was now approved to get the package.  Connie was able to join me for lunch.  It was good to see him again.  We had fallen out of touch, until I drove down to Florida about five years ago.  We had met at the Un. Of Chicago.  We were in the same “move by mail” diplomacy game.  After a pleasant snack and a grand time chatting away.  We called it a day.  I still had the drive across the Everglades on alligator Alley to Naples.  I got my room, and then connected up with Ben Bova and confirmed our dinner arrangements.  It turns out that the seafood restaurant I like in Albany has a sister store in Naples.  As has been the case in Albany, the food at Real Seafood was excellent.  It was good seeing Ben again, and we had, a fine wide ranging conversation over good food.  Ben gave me a copy of his recent thriller.  Looking forward to reading it.


It is about time we met!

May 5, 2008

Wednesday, 30April 2008.   Under sunny skies, I headed down to Fort Lauderdale.  I had been trying to set up lunch with an old friend Connie Xanthos.  He was busy, and so I did some work on the computer and relaxed during the afternoon.  My neighbor contacted me to say that package, I was expecting had arrived, but was going to be sent back unless I alone could sign for it.  I tried calling FedEx but they needed a release from the company.  For dinner I met up with Keith Fern who is my broker.  He had been handling my small amount of stocks for some 15 years or more, but we had never met.  I joined, he and his wife for a lovely Italian dinner, and great conversation for several hours.  We hoped it would not be another 15 years before we got together for dinner again.

More to Orlando than Disney

May 5, 2008

Tuesday, 29 April 2008.  It was a fairly long drive under clear skies on not too busy interstates down to Orlando, Florida.  Well actually, I was meeting friends about 30 miles north of Orlando.  After only one.  Maybe two false starts.  I was able to find the home of Pat and Roger Sims.  I was shown about their new home.  They had downsized from a much larger house to one more practical.  However they noted the lack of closet space, and space to store stuff.  Not too long after I got there we were joined by Dick Spellman.  Eventually we removed to Steak and Shake for dinner and to continue on our conversation.  It was a very pleasant evening.

South Carolina Way!

May 4, 2008

Monday, 28 April 2008.  Up early and headed out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Unfortunately, the weather was really a nasty.  It was rainy and foggy, and just unpleasant.  It was also slow, slower than I expected.  With the weather being so bad, there were times I thought I would need to trade in my car for a boat, I decided to take interstates down to Greenville, South Carolina.  By then, the weather had gotten better, and it was nice and sunny when I pulled up in front of the home of Dave and Sharon Weber.  The whole family and I piled into the van.  And we headed over to a local seafood restaurant.  We took our time and enjoyed the food which was quite good and had a relaxed conversation.  This was accomplished even with the noise in the restaurant and three young children at hand.  Back at the Weber’s residence.  I was showed Dave’s new studio, where Dave and I put our feet up and had a very nice long conversation.  All good things must come to an end and I eventually headed back to my motel.  I did want to make a reasonably early start the next day.  It would be a fairly long drive, though all on the interstate, down to Orlando, Florida.


May 4, 2008

Friday to Sunday, 25 to 27 April 2008.  After checking with the neighboring Home Depot it appears that the power inverter breaks down under load.  I need to get a new one.  The weekend and the convention were excellent.  I was on a number of panels, MCed the masquerade  in tails, of course, attended parties and chatted with lots of people.  Some I knew and some I got to know.  One sign that it was a good convention was that I did not get enough sleep.  Sunday evening, a number of us went out for dinner at the local TG I Friday’s.  I crashed early as I have a long drive the next day.

Heading South

May 4, 2008

Thursday, the 24 April 2008.  The drive down to Fredericksburg, Virginia went fairly quickly except for the hour delay and due to an accident and several slowdowns due to construction.    One minor problem was the breaking down of the inverter.  I use it to power my computer while on the road.  Shades of the Route 66 trip.  I had no trouble finding the home of Peggy Davis and joining her in Don Lundry for an excellent dinner.  Good food and good conversation made for an excellent evening.  I was able to find the convention hotel and get a decent night’s sleep.