Subject: Chemo # 16 & 17 &18 – Update!


September was busy month.  On 10 September I met with the urologist’s PA to set up my stent replacement, which will occur on 27 September.  On the 12th I met with the oncologist followed by Chemo #16 [only 284 to go].  Neulasta on the 13th.

Enervation set in over the weekend coupled with loss of taste.  Sheesh!  On the 18th  I met with the GP for a Pre-op physical.  I’m alive.  I also got my flu shot.  On the 19th in for my biannual dental cleaning.  On the 20th I went over to AMC for the Pre-op there.  They surprised me by completing it in 2.5 hours.  The last two times it was about 5 hours each time.  AMC claims it only takes 2 hours.

On the 27th I went in for the stent replacement.  The 2PM surgery took place about 6 PM or so.  AMC strikes again.  It took 4 attempts to get in the IV.  I was a little bit dehydrated by then.  I won’t be next time.  The one downside was being catheterized for 4 days.  To say this was uncomfortable is to understate it.  Nevertheless I found a way to disguise it so Lin & I could drive out to the Higgins Armor Museum in Worcester, MA, for their Middle-earth Day.  Very nice.

I’ve had some minor [?] problems with my plumbing, but livable.

On the 1 October I had a meeting with the oncologist’s PA.  Appointments set up.  Afterwards I went over to see the urologist’s PA for catheter removal.  Sigh of relief.

On the 2nd I had both Chemo #17 [only 283 to go] & Zometa infusions with Neulasta on the 3rd.

On the 11th I had my hormone shot.  Doctors, doctors, doctors!  I was feeling well enough to attend ALBACON on the 19th & 20th.  It was good.

On 30 I had Chemo #18 [only 282 to go] & Zometa infusions with Neulasta on the 31st.

PSA seems to be holding steady.

I’ve managed to avoid ERs.
Using Tea Tree Oil on the fingernails that haven’t come loose.  I’m using Lavenderon the loose ones.  However, the rot has spread to a couple of fingers on my left hand.  L  I’ve now lost 3 fingernails.

Need a description for a horror film or novel, let me know.  Can send photos.

Still somewhat fatigued, but feeling better.  A cold doesn’t help.  I can’t take aspirin.

Nevertheless I did get out on the 3rd to catch a couple authors reading, vote on the 6th followed by more book signings, & bought my ticket fior The Hobbit premier on 0001, 14 DEC!

My new computer arrived a week early.  Lin will be setting it on the 10th.

More anon!

The Tolkien Conference is gaining members.  How about you! .

I also hope to take a couple of short trips over the next few months.



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