Room Rates, Movie tickets, & Line Party, Oh My!


A couple items today.


Westford Regency Inn & Conference Center
219 Littleton Road
Westford, MA 01886
+1-800-543-7801 – Group Name: Conference On Middle earth
+1-978-692-8200 – Group Name: Conference On Middle earth

Room Rates!   We have Room Rates!

Room rates have been set. To get the fabulous, same as 2011 room rates of $119/night, you have to call the Westford Regency. As a stand-alone hotel, the online registration is thru a service that charges a fee, which would raise our rate. Tell them you’re with the Conference On Middle earth to get this rate.
> > If you are international and don’t want to make potentially expensive long distance calls (“Can you hold please?” *click* [music…music…music…]), contact to work something out.
Operation Early Catbird Seat!
I have secured my ticket for the Midnight showing of The Hobbit at the Regal Cinema in Crossgates Mall.  I’ll be watching the 3D IMAX version.  I’ll check out the other versions later.
We will be holding a Line Party for the premier.  Come join us.
It is still up in the air as regards TLOTR Marathon on Saturday, 8 DEC.  It would be nice to see all 3 extended versions on the BIG screen.
Elen síla lúmenn’ omentielvo!

Not all those who wander are lost.

Thain Peregrin Took II
The 3rd Conference On Middle-earth, Part 2

Great Smials
Tuckborough, The Shire

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