Oy…Just oy

Archeology At Jan’s House just turned up three old AutoClub cards from 2007, ’08, 09, a credit card with an expiration date of 12/03, and *drum*roll*please* jan’s grade school report cards.
With things like “needs improvement in self control” and under “promptness” the note “stalls”. All I can say is the man was consistent.

Update: corrected original post from “2207” to “2007”. I wish he’d lived until 2207.

Some fun comments on this to be found on jan’s Facebook page.

Like: Grade 2A: “Initiative: Needs improvement in finding of worthwhile things to do.” Really? I guess they had a different idea of worthwhile than jan did.


Wait! What? An “unsatisfactory” in science? Grade 6A, first period (the structure of these makes me thing “first period” is the first weeks of that semester), science: “U”. I guess jan had a falling out with his instructor over something, or it was taught boringly. However, the grade improved to an “E-Excellent Achievement” by the end.

There was some debate on Facebook as to whether it was boredom (my usual reason for bad grades) or failing to turn in his homework (several other people’s reasons for bad grades).

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