I got heat [& cooling]!

During the darkening day I had my heat pump replaced before the nasty weather set in.  At about 4 PM it  is  57 with a 15 mph wind, gusting to 25 mph.  Only expecting to get 1-2 inches of rain.  Not a problem.  The high winds could  be.  We shall see.

As a joke I posted to someone on FB, “Sandy” is G-d punishing NJ et el. for  allowing fags to live in NJ.  Sarcasm.  Within an hour or two some dim bulb pastor is out there saying the same thing and meaning it.  I wonder if he graduated from elementary school.


One Response to “I got heat [& cooling]!”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    he might have, but it might make a big difference if if was a public school or a church school.

    Good luck missing this one, The clouds are covering everything east of the Mississippi and north of South Carolina. including southeastern Canada.

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