Subject: Chemo # 13 & 14 &15 – Update!


After having Chemo #12 on 19 June I went thru the usual plumbing problems.  I then complained to the oncologist.  Rather than dropping Aloxi altogether, he substituted a less nasty drug.

Other than that and feeling enervated over the weekend, things went fairly well for a change.  My PSA has risen slightly.  I’m curious as to how it will respond to going back to Chemo every 3 weeks.

On 28 June I met with the radiologist.  He felt I was hanging in there as well as can be expected.  I’m to see him again in a year.

The RBC count has remained high enough that another transfusion has not been required.  YEA!

I am still quite tired and run out of energy easily.  Fatigue is an off and on again companion.

I recently realized my hair, which had been growing back a little bit, was now disappearing.  😦  No beard, tho some strange feeling bristles show up.  I’m still managing to hold the nausea at bay.  The meds and ginger seem to be working.  I also  noticed that just about all my body hair has disappeared. J

As usual after Chemo everything tasted horrible for about 10 days.  Thereafter, it was merely poor.

On 3 July I met with the oncologist’s PA.  My numbers seem to be satisfactory.

On 9 July I met with the urologist & his PA.  No problems.  Stent replacement  due at the end of September /early October. Ψ!

On the 10July I had Chemo #13 [Only 287 to go], hormone shot, & Zometa.  I was there for a long time.  This was followed by the Neulasta shot on the 11th.  I learned my PSA had dropped slightly.  The new antiemetic seems to have worked.  My intestinal problems were greatly reduced.

As I was going away, I met with the oncologist on the 16th.  Again, my numbers seemed to be okay.

With doctors’ appointments out of the way for a while, Lin & I headed to Chattanooga for an SF con.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself not withstanding the problems with the hotel & being hammered by the heat & humidity.  On the way home we visited with an author friend of ours in SC.  Getting on the road again was a delight.

Off to Chemo #14 [286 to go!] on the 31 July & Neulasta on  the 1st.  As usual the fatigue set in on the 3rd & lasted thru the 7th, tho I did get a few things done besides reading.  Minimal intestinal  & plumbing problems.  Thank G-d.

I met with the oncologist on the 15th.  I learned my PSA had stayed about the same place.  Higher than in March, but not by much.  I’m in the good feeling period of the week to 10 days before the next chemo.

Chemo #15 [285 to go!] on 21 August.  I didn’t have the usual recovery time before Lin & I headed west to Chicago.  I was fatigued on Sunday, 25 August so I put the car on cruise control & took a nap. Actually Lin drove. 🙂  I was surprisingly up for the trip and con.  I was pushing myself, and it worked.  We both had a great time.

I noticed a new reaction to Chemo.  The nail bed on 3 of my fingers seems to be dying.  I wonder just how many fingernails I’ll lose.  Currently 3 on my right hand are effected.  Of course, I’m right handed.  As to my toenails, they did sort of grow back a little bit.  However, they look as if I was taking foot baths in radioactive toxic waste.  Weird suckers.

The Tolkien Conference is gaining members.  How about you! .

I also hope to take a couple of short trips over the next few months.


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