Why I love Science!


Sorry, Bruce Willis, asteroid wins in real ‘Armageddon’ msnbc.msn.com

So here’s a shocker: It turns out the 1998 asteroid disaster movie “Armageddon” was a tad unrealistic. In the film, a team led by Bruce Willis plants a nuclear bomb deep inside a 600-mile-wide (1,000 kilometers) asteroid as it…


One Response to “Why I love Science!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    I liked that movie, but, yes, scientifically it was crazy. A nuke that less than a 1/4 mile deep into an asteroid that’s 600 miles wide would only blow a big hole in it. Fires can’t burn and dust can’t blow with no atmosphere. Nor can space shuttles take off. Another thing was, they had only a few hours to drill the hole and drop the nuke in, but they wasted SOOO much time arguing and fighting with each other.
    But, well, in movies guns never need to be reloaded. The hero can have his/her head half blown off by a shotgun and they don’t even flinch, let alone seem to be hurt. Cars can be damaged in one scene and magically fixed in the next one.

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