My thoughts on the Boy & Girl Scouts

Back a while I had read in TIME a multi-page advertisement/story on the Girl Scouts.  Hmm, I thought, maybe the older scouts would be interested in my workshop on “How to Make College Work for You.”

I emailed the national headquarters, and they got back to me very quickly.  They said I should get in touch with my local organization, and gave me contact info.  I both emailed and called the local branch of the Girl Scouts.  I mentioned I was a retired counselor and did a workshop on college that the girls might be interested in.  The girls might have been interested, but neither they nor I will ever know.  I never received a  response.

Since I was writing the Girl Scouts, I figured, maybe the Boy Scouts would be interested.  Wrong!  Again, my phone call and email went unanswered.

I don’t mind being told that they weren’t interested in my workshop.  I do  mind being ignored.  When an organization repeatedly asks for community involvement, then proceeds to completely ignore someone who wants to get involved, it does make one wonder why they bother to ask.  To hell with both of them.


One Response to “My thoughts on the Boy & Girl Scouts”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    the Los Angeles schools want parents to get involved with their kids’ education, and show up for meetings and stuff with the teachers and administrators. Some of those administrators really prefer that the parents stay out of their way, and try to discourage them from getting that involved. Talk about the left and right hands!

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