Robert Wright Disposal Drivers need training!

Yesterday, the 16th when I went out, I was nearly a traffic statistic.  A truck belonging to Robert Wright Disposal turned onto Washington Avenue Ext.  It put on its left turn indicator and proceeded to cut off a truck in the right lane.  I then realized the RWD truck was continuing to edge over into the left hand lane.  The only problem being that I was in that lane.  I did edge over as I sped up, but had no real room as there was a curbed median strip.

When I stopped at the next light, the RWD truck came up to within about an inch of my bumper.  I was thinking, hit me and I’ll own you and the company.

My friend Lin was also not a happy camper over this and wrote a terse letter to the company over the driving abilities of the company’s drivers.  Of course, they did not respond.


One Response to “Robert Wright Disposal Drivers need training!”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    I’d consider filing a complaint with whatever agency is supposed to be licensing commercial drivers. CC the newspapers.

    (I work for a company which requires everyone on the payroll to pass driver ed – behind the wheel. The big boss (three levels up from me) requires everyone in his group to pass the classroom refresher every year. I haven’t yet recovered from the video loop before last year’s class. Traffic camera views. Some of the people running red lights actually got through in one piece,)

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