Postal Service

Needing to go to the Post Office today, I was struck by how wrong headed the USPS’ retrenchment program is.

I agree in tight times, reducing service may be needed.  However, by cutting service on Saturday anyone who works for a living will have a very hard time getting to a Post Office while it is open.  The local one I use is open to 6:00 PM.  I have no idea if this is standard for all post office branches.

Then there is the plan to cut out non-profitable post office branches.  This sounds good until you note where the cutting is to take place.  Generally, it will be rural post office branches.  This would or could mean 30 to 50 miles drives, maybe longer, for non-city folk.  Why not consolidate city branches.  Driving 4 miles instead of 2 is not really that big a hardship.

For my part the postal system is a service.  The concept it needs to make money is absurd.  How much money does the National Weather Service bring into the government coffers?  Yes, there needs to be a watchdog agency to make sure the post office is getting the best bang for the buck.  Need to turn a profit, no.


2 Responses to “Postal Service”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    Some of those ‘unprofitable’ branches are making more money now than they were even two years ago, which raises the question of how they’re defining ‘unprofitable’.
    Also, they’re closing a lot of branches in business districts, apparently on the theory that people who need to mail stuff can do it on Saturday or through their company’s mailroom. They haven’t really looked at that, either. Especially when some of those branches are full-service and can get twenty-minute lines.

  2. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Reminds me of a joke I once read.

    “Why has the Post Office raised stamp prices again?
    They need to buy more ‘This Window Closed’ signs.”

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