Subject: Chemo # 6 – Update!

The period between Chemo #5 on 27 December 2011 and Chemo #6 on 17 January 2012 was relatively quiet.  No complaints.  Not that I wasn’t running up my co-payments.  The 27th was long as in addition to the Chemo, I received the Zometa infusion as well.

On the 11th I had an appointment with the Urologist.  No major, I hope, problems there.  However, the hassles with my plumbing do keep me on the edge of my, er, seat.  J  I also got a quick review of how to insert a catheter should I need to.  ARGH!  See him again in May.  I’ll need to get the stnts replaced then as well.

Chemo on the 17th followed by the WBC booster shot on the 18th.  This was followed by the Zometa infusion on the 24th.  It took them about 4 tries to find a vein.  Pincushion day.

The chemo seems to be working.  My PSA has continued to drop, tho it is a long way from zero.

I am still quite tired and run out of energy easily.  However, I have begun a very gentle exercise program.  I hope, this will help.

In discussion with the oncologist he agreed that my getting a Handicapped Tag would be a good thing for any time I have a very long walk.  Never planned on getting one of these.  Once I learned where to go, the process was done in abut 5 minutes.

While I still have some hair, it becomes thinner.  I’m still managing to hold the nausea at bay.  The meds and ginger seem to be working.

My plumbing continues to give me some problems.  The severity of the problem varies from day to day.

To add to my non-fun my taste buds have gone south over the past 9 months.  Even water has a slightly off taste.  Of course, with all the different meds I’m taking I haven’t the faintest idea which one or combination has done me in.

Looking at the calendar, it appears I may have a whole week where I don’t visit a doctor.

If all goes well, I may have some neat news to report next time.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the cancer. J


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