You know, you are taking a lot of meds, when the pharmacist at Walgreen’s greets you by name!


3 Responses to “OY!”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    I’m freaked by the checkers at one grocery store greeting me by name. (They don’t have ‘club cards’ at that store, so I don’t know how they’re doing it.)

    • The Wombat Says:

      Do you pay by credit card or even debit? They might pick it up from there.

      If you were to have used a cheque, then your name would be on it.

      They often, at the library, get my reserved books BEFORE I give them my card. Yes, I do go to the library A LOT! 🙂

  2. P J Evans Says:

    No – I use cash for groceries, almost every time (occasionally the debit card comes out). It’s a nice market, they have stuff that the bigger chains don’t carry. (‘Bare’ (brand) hot cereal is really tasty.)

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