Chemo #3 – Update

Things got a little bit interesting after my 2nd chemo session on the 20 OCT.  When I went in on the 27th for the bone strengthening infusion, I had almost no white blood cells.  The blood test on the 31st had me almost back to normal.

On the 2nd I did get good news on the 2nd from the oncologist, my PSA dropped again.  The chemo seems to be working, but a long, long way to go.

I spent the 12th & 13th in the hospital due to a urinary blockage.  This was similar to what put me in the hospital in Reno.

On 15 NOV I had chemo session #3 & a shot on the following day to promote WBC production.  Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any accompanying pain the shot could produce.  I do have a prescription for some “happy” pills should that occur.

The last week in NOV & the beginning of DEC has me seeing way to many doctors. 😦  On the 1st the urologist will have at me to check out my plumbing & replace the stents put in in Reno.  The stents need to be replaced every 4-6 months.  Oh frabulous joy!

On the hirsute side of things I still have enough hair for it to be painful when the adhesive tape comes off after having blood drawn.  Not completely bald either.

Making good use of my recliner and library books.  🙂  I miss the open road.


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