Health Update.

I have apparently survived the initial chemo session without nausea.  I hope, it will continue.  Session #2 is coming up on the 20th.

I still have urinary problems associated with some of the procedures done on me related to my cancer.  I will survive.

The “Mange Effect” is appearing.  Last week I noted that the expression “tearing one’s hair out” is now literal as well as figurative.  J  I expect the process to accelerate over the coming week.  I don’t plan on doing anything about it other than observing the process.  In any case I do have my Frederick’s of Hollywood wig at the ready.  I’m told that it is de rigueur to wear a wig if one loses their hair due to chemo.  Would I be so bold as to go against tradition?

Eating well.  Hugs to all!


3 Responses to “Health Update.”

  1. P J Evans Says:

    Well, if not a wig, then at least a hat, to keep your head warm.

  2. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Just please, Please, PUUUULEEEEZ don’t post any pictures of yourself wearing your Frederick’s of Hollywood outfit!

    Seriously, I’m glad you’re getting better. God is answering Prayers.

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