Happy Birthday to Frodo & Bilbo!

Go forth and party!


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Frodo & Bilbo!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Is it their eleventy first birthday?

  2. Sue Bursztynski Says:

    Are you going to do a reading? 🙂 BTW, it’s Banned Books Week, why not go to someone who has a web cam and record yourself reading from one of the hundreds of books banned or challenged over the years?

    • The Wombat Says:

      No reading, but I will be watching TLOTR over 1 & 2 Oct. I usually try and get it closer to the 22nd, but my friend Lin wants to watch it with me. I reread the books late in March.

      I wouldn’t mind reading TLOTR aloud, if we could get enough folk. There needs to be at least 6 readers, 9 is nice. Everyone reads 3 pages and then the next person reads. A marvelous way to “read” the books.

      Once a week for 2 to 4 hours over lots of food for about 5 months. 🙂

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