Food & political discussion!

Sunday, 7 August.  Tiptoeing out of the house so as not to disturb Lea, I have loaded up my car and headed off for breakfast.  Then on to the I-5 and down the coast.  Again, I was driving entered low clouds with the occasional splatter of raindrops.

The clouds lasted only a very short time after I turned inland from the coast on State Route 4.  At the first pass the clouds lifted in the sky turned blue, the temperature rose, and the vegetation went from rain forest to desert.  The transition was quite abrupt.

For the most part to drive down was quite pleasant.  They were the usual idiot drivers, but I was in no hurry.  Having good maps it was no problem finding my way to the home of Jean and Mike.

Jeanne was kind enough to us give me the password for the wireless system so I to get online and catch up a little bit.  All the while we kept a steady stream of conversation going.  Mike was getting a massage to a friend of theirs and after he had finished, he joined us.

The conversation was interesting as Jean is a staunch Democrat and Mike considers himself a moderate Republican whose party has left him.  It was a pleasure discussing politics with Mike.  Though we occasionally disagreed we did so in a civil and polite manner.  Something which seems to be missing from too much of today’s political discussions.

Deciding that I was on the cusp of starving to death, Mike prepared a rather large dinner which was excellent.

After dinner more discussion on how to solve all the worlds problems ensued.  Eventually we decided we would not finish the job that evening, but would continue on at Reno.  It was a most pleasant conversation.

Time for some rest and then a nice drive tomorrow.


One Response to “Food & political discussion!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Wish I could have entered that discussion. I’m a Conservative Republican who feels his party is FINALLY returning to him.

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