Ents, Hobbits, and a topless Vette, oh my!

Wednesday, 10 August.  I woke up to a foggy and chill morning.  After full breakfast I get a few things done in my diary as I was in no hurry to hit the road.

After catching up with things and looked out the window it and lo and behold there was some sun.  I packed up and loaded up the car.  A chap came by who is also driving a Vette.  We chatted, and then I asked him to help me remove my Vette’s top.  I wanted to drive through the Avenue of the Giants with the top down.  Moving a few things around I was able to actually see the top properly in the back of a car under the hatchback.

Off I went!  First, of course, was getting some gas for the car.  Then down the redwood Highway.  It was little chilly at first as the temperature was in the low 60s.  However, US 101 angled inland and the temperature inched up.  By the time I left US 101 for the Avenue of the Giants the temperatures up to the low 70s.

It was a marvelous drive.  I generally kept my speed to between 30 and 35 mph.  There was hardly a cloudless sky which actually it harder to see the trees because of the sun in my eyes.  However, I was willing to suffer for my art and thoroughly enjoyed the meander through the woods.

I stopped by the Living Chimney Tree Café for a rather expensive hamburger.  As I drive through the Avenue of the Giants was over and the temperature rising, I wanted to put the top back on the car.  I flagged down a young lady, who it turned out, was from Munich.  Her husband joined us and assisted me in getting the top back on the car.  They seemed amused by the fact that I could speak some German.

While munching on my hamburger I chatted with a local who ran a glass shop in Phillipsville.  I mentioned him an idea that there were enough talented people who visited theonering.net site, that Hobbiton, USA, could be repaired and refurbished by donated labor of Ringers, I would respond to a call for help.  He then introduced me to the owner of the café, who is in close touch with the actual owner of Hobbiton, USA.  She also liked my suggestion and planned to pass it on.  There would be a lot of work involved before any reconstruction and refurbishing of Hobbiton, USA, could even be started.  However, it is by no means an impossible task.  I gave them both my card.  I really hope that they will contact me in the future.

Back on US 101 I headed south to Ukiah.  I really believe that US 101 is an underrated scenic highway, especially in northern California.

I found my motel, with the usual partially operating wireless.  I get enough of a connection so that I can’t demand my money back.  I had dinner at a local café which was not bad at all.  And then I goofed off for several hours before turning in for some rest.  It was a pretty good day.


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