South to the 1st Cat House!

Thursday, 4 August.  To my surprise I actually did get some rest overnight.  I awoke to a foggy morning.  As I cranked up the computer I had a cup of coffee and two nibbles of Hershey chocolate.  At the appointed hour I headed downstairs for breakfast.  The food was good, more than enough, and gave me the feeling that I was a visiting squire to a 19th-century mansion owned by some important person.

I was now ready to pack up and move on.  Vancouver, Washington, here I come.

The drive down the coast was most delightful.  It was cool with low clouds or fog over the road.  Traffic was light.  As I headed inland the clouds lifted and the sun came out.  I was really a most beautiful day.

I picked up I-5 and following my maps and Tera’s instructions I had no difficulty in locating their home.  I was warmly greeted by not only Tera Rich, but her five cats as well within.  The first of four nights in a row in cat houses.  J I am slightly allergic to cats, but did this knowingly.  And the cats were quite friendly.

Terra set me up on my computer, and we chatted while I got rid of some e-mail and caught up in the latest news.  It has been years since we last saw each other.

Ed Muller and in, her husband, showed up a little bit later.  Good conversation and good food followed.

A fine end to a nice day.


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