Great food, company, & conversation!

Saturday, 6 August.  At least about reading until my hostess awoke.  Lea usually arises about 11 or 12.  We got our act together and went off for a light snack before heading over to Tera and Ed’s place for the get-together.

It was a thoroughly delightful afternoon.  We arrived almost simultaneously with Mike Shepherd Moscoe.  I’m including his entire name as he writes under his first and last name and his first and middle name.  We were soon joined by Sue Lyssa Shaffer and her husband, Tom Otter.  Tom is apparently somewhat new to fandom.  He was a little bit overwhelmed by the nonstop, sharp elbows, discussion that was carried on.

All in all there were no complaints about the afternoon.  We have lots of junk food, great conversations, and marvelous company.  It was over all too soon.

When I get home, I plan to reread all of Mike’s “Longknife Saga” as he has a new book in it coming out real soon now.

As I was getting up fairly early on the next morning, I called it a day fairly early.  I enjoyed my stay very much in the Portland area.


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