More mountains, snow, & snakey roads!

Monday, 1 August.  Up way too early, so I did get some sleep for a change.  I got some of my stuff together and headed off down to the Chevy dealer to see if I could get the car in for service.  As it turned out, they didn’t have anybody right then to work on the car, but they can set me up for an afternoon appointment right after lunch.  I agreed.

After suitably goofing off for the morning I turned in my key and headed over to the dealer.  I got there little early, but they were able to take me almost immediately.  The service took about an hour to do and probably an hour to wash the car afterwards.  I think they had to scrape 200 pounds of bugs off the front of the car before they could wash it.  To kill time while I waited, I read a book and chatted with the chap who was waiting for his car to be done.  He was a Vietnam vet.  He mentioned that upon his return to the US from Vietnam some young woman spit on him.  He cold-cocked her with an uppercut that must I started in Vietnam before hitting her chin.  Two cops came over, one female, and noted how terrible it was that the woman was drunk and not conscious in public.

I headed off down State Route 20 for Burlington.  The drive was actually very, very pretty.  The rolling hills, once I passed through a couple of tourist towns, I stopped it want to get a very nice sandwich, soon gave way to the Cascades mountains.  These are very different from the Rocky Mountains.  Even on the lee side of the mountains there was more than enough moisture to support forests.  Furthermore, the tree line was close to the top of the mountains, so trees reached all the way to the top.  Soon many of the mountains had snow packs and a few even had glaciers.  The snow cover was entirely different from that in the Rockies both in the US and Canada.

Driving this mountain road was also different.  More than once I felt I was driving through a tunnel, only a tunnel walls were big trees with branches that arched over the road.  There was a heck of a lot more rain and moisture in this area than further east.

After passing through the requisite construction sites, and following drivers who drove well below the speed limit and braked on curves they didn’t need to, [Most drivers really should take the time to find out how their car handles on curves and in other driving conditions.  It would make them a much safer driver.] I arrived in Burlington.

After locating the motel and checking in, I took care of the most important thing which was to go and have some desert.  At a very nice caramel milkshake at a restaurant not too far away.  This motel as with most motels, it seems, advertised wireless.  Unfortunately, the wireless worked only at the front desk or standing on 1 foot holding the computer above your head somewhere in the room and then not well at all.  In a real business sense these hotels are perpetrating fraud.  But no one has called them on it yet.  If nothing else I complain very loudly to the front desk, pointing out that their wireless setup is total crap.


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