Laze & a good film!

Sunday, 31 July.  As I noted I’ve been fighting a sore throat, and I’ve been feeling a little tired.  I decided to call off the world on Sunday, get a few things done on my computer, like getting up to date on the diary, getting some thermonuclear therapy while reading a book sitting in front of my motel room, enjoying a movie, and taking in a dinner somewhere in town.

Tomorrow morning early I’ll see if the local Chevy dealer can squeeze me in the first thing for a Maintenance 1 service.

In any case I had a nice breakfast and have caught up quite a bit on my diary.  It is sunny and the temperature is supposed to climb into the 90s.

I side rule held the sun was very strong, and it was very hot.  After lolling about the while I headed down to watch the movie.  It was an old-fashioned cinema with only one screen.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  As for the movie, Cowboys and Aliens, it was also a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  The Cowboys played it straight, taken back by the “demons” who had suddenly appeared, and willing to fight them not worrying about whether or not they were equipped to really fight them.  The Aliens were superbly grotesque and nasty.  One of the “humans” wasn’t human.  This made for interesting complications.  I had gone to the movies for two hours of fun and enjoyment, and I had gotten exactly that.

I celebrated the movie by going to Pizza Hut for personal pizza.  I hit the spot.  Now to crash out early and get on the way early.


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