Ferrys, food, & good conversation, oh my!

Tuesday, to August.  After a poor night’s rest I got up to mostly cloudy skies and temps in the low 60s.  The restaurant that gave me a rather nice milkshake night before, did themselves well with a nice breakfast.  Now to return to the room in get caught up on my diary.  Whether or not I can post anything to my blog, is highly debatable.

Computer access the Internet was nonexistent at this motel.  As a noted this is typical of so many motels.

I headed off for the ferry.  The drive was actually longer than I expected.  However, it was a pleasant drive.  I didn’t have a reservation and we just have to see what the situation was when I got there.  As it turned out the ferry had just loaded up when I arrived and was almost no one else there at the time so I ended up being the first automobile in line to get on the next ferry.  For $10.30 it was a bargain.

The waters were very calm and it was an easy and quick passage to Port Townsend.  I drove into the center of town, found a parking spot, and then called Annie Scarborough so we could meet up.  Our first choice was a very nice café that turned out to be closed on Tuesday.  Bummer!  So, we went to Plan B: an ice cream shop around the corner onto Main Street.  It was a tough choice but we had to make.

After a very nice soda for me, some ice cream for Annie, and several hours of enjoyable conversation, we decided to head off for dinner.  Annie suggested a very nice restaurant on the water.  The view was outstanding and the food was quite good.  We said our goodbyes, and I headed off to Port Angeles and the awaiting Super 8 Motel.

It was a pleasant evening drive out to Port Angeles.  I found the motel without any problem.  I was just as one enters the town from the east.  Checking in I commented about computer accessibility.  I was assured I would have it.  In my room I checked.  Guess what, no accessibility.  This Super 8 Motel also lied.  I complained to the front desk and was moved to a room just behind the front desk.  This time I had reasonable access to the Internet.  I also called Jean Lamb to coordinate my visit, probably on Sunday night.  Tired, I went to bed.


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