Mountains and snow and who turned the lights out?

Thursday, 28 July.  A relatively early, and with no snow on the car, I headed off to try to Jasper National Park ending up at Valemount.

Under partly cloudy skies I headed west.  The first part of the drive was relatively boring.  After all, I was driving through Alberta wheat or cornfields.  As I approached Jasper the flat lands became the rolling countryside and in the distance the Rocky Mountains reached for the sky.  The road wound between towering mountains some of which still had snow and glacier on them.  Each new turn of the road brought a glorious vista to one’s eyes.  It was a most delightful drive through these mountains.

Leaving the park and heading to Valemount did not diminish the beauty of the drive.  While the mountains weren’t quite so close, they were there as one drove down the highway.  Meanwhile, the clouds it closed in.  The tops of the tallest mountains poked into the clouds and or loss from view.  With the occasional sprinkle, lowering clouds, and dropping temperatures, it dropped as low it is the lower 50s, I drove on.

There’s no problem finding a motel and getting set up in my room.  However, the town and region had a surprise for me.  While sitting at the computer all the power went out.  Not only the motel and the town, but several towns in the area were all with the power for about 75 to 90 minutes.  Valemount had provided an unsound and unlight show for me.

After a nice all one can eat fish and chips dinner, a retired to my room for some sleep.  I was now fighting a sore throat.  Bummer!


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