A nosh, a natter, & getting lost in construction!

Wednesday, 27 July.  After a decent night’s sleep, and I actually did get some sleep, and awoke to blue skies and cool temperatures.  Much different than yesterday’s chilly, overcast, and occasional rain.

While I can’t get on the Internet, I can at least bring my diary up-to-date so that I can post it once I have access again.  This I did.  It was a relaxed morning, something I needed.

Around noon I headed out, first to pick up a map or tuna tour book over at AMA, and then headed down to pick up Johanna.  We headed over for lunch, though I get some breakfast, and a nice long talk.  We had some catching up to do, and we had the time to do it.  It was the most pleasant afternoon.  We stopped by Home Depot’s so Johanna could pick up some needed supplies for her house.

On the way back I got lost in construction.  Alberta doesn’t believe in road signs especially in construction areas.  Eventually however I defeated them and found my way back to my friend’s house.

Fighting with my friend’s computer and resorting to 800 numbers I was eventually able to book rooms for the next two nights.  At this point, considering how I felt, I decided not to go to Vancouver, B.C. on this trip.  I needed a day or two off.


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