Eating thru Edmonton

Tuesday, 26 July.   After a fair night’s rest I spent the morning lazing about.  I did get on my friends computer to check a few things.  As they had neither a router nor wireless I was limited in what I could do online.  I did call up my friend Johanna and set up a luncheon date with her for Wednesday.

Just before noon I set off for my visit with Tara.  She lives at the other end of the Edmonton area.   We headed first over to the nearest CAA office.  I needed a couple maps and tour books.  I got some of what I needed.  We then looked around for a place for lunch.  I decided I needed something for my sweet tooth so we ended up going to an IHOP where I had funnel cakes and strawberries while Tara had breakfast.  We had a lovely chat and caught up on many things.  It was a most pleasant lunch.  As usual I couldn’t stop myself and chatted with the waitress about her college plans.  She seemed to think that some of my suggestions might have merit.

We headed back to Tara’s home where the three of us had a lovely discussion.  Tara’s mother had just returned from a trip and Tara was leaving the next day for a month in Toronto, London, and Ireland.

As I left we noticed some black smoke in the distance.  It turned out to be a fire at a pharmaceutical plant.  Needless to say lots of toxic smoke covered the area.

That evening I took Lynn, Tony, the kids, and the nanny after dinner.  We went to a very nice Italian restaurant.  While the food was quite good, the surface left something to be desired.

When we got back the last TV for a short while and then it was time to call it a day.  It had been a good one, too.


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