Thank you MDOT

Friday, 22 July.  Up and at ‘em!  This is despite a very were nights sleep.  The motel provided a relatively decent breakfast.  Thus fortified I packed up and headed out.  The night before had provided a small amount of fireworks with some thunderstorms and a sprinkling of rain.  However, it was a mostly clear sky as a headed down on I-90.

The nice day rapidly turned sour.  As I turned off the interstate on to the two-lane road connecting I-90 and I-15, I ran into one construction zone after another.  Several times traffic came to a dead stop, and at least one occasion, belike two, I pulled out a book you read.  These delays totally screwed up my day.

When I finally got to I-15, it was so late in the day I decided not to continue on to Glacier National Park.  I was tired from lack of sleep, and I did not want to spoil the drive through the park.  I’m not at my best in the late afternoon.  Therefore, I decided to stay on I-15 to Conrad which has a Super 8 Motel.  I would try and crash early tonight and get an early start tomorrow.

Notwithstanding delay and disappointment and must admit that the drive up I-15 was quite beautiful.  It was mostly sunny with summer cumulus populating the blue sky.  There was one section of his speed limit dropped, though my speed didn’t.  There was nobody around and some of the curves were taken using both lanes.  This was through very pretty gorges.  Thereafter the landscape opened up as I cruised up the highway.  It was a most pleasant drive.  I drove well over 200 miles which was more than enough for a day, especially when I was tired.

I caught up in some e-mail, I am still behind, had a snack, and updated my diary.  Once again I was able to get a room at the motel with an ethernet connection.


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