Mountains, & Glaciers, & Snow, Oh My!

Saturday, 23 July.  It was a cool, clear morning.  After a light breakfast I got my gear together and headed on down the highway.

The first part of the drive was through slightly rolling farmland or cattle country.  As I approached the mountains to hills and dales became more pronounced.  The last portion of the drive before entering the park paralleled the mountain range and became delightfully curvy with a more pronounced rise in elevation.  As I headed upward the hillsides became forested.

Except for the large number of other drivers and the occasional stop for construction the drive was glorious.  Actually the construction stops weren’t all that bad.  He gave me time to admire the view and take some pictures.

Like the Beartooth Highway the Highway To The Sun defies mere words when trying to describe it.  It has to be driven to be appreciated.

From there I headed north to Canada.  Crossing the border was interesting.  First I had to go through an American customs or border patrol inspection.  This is the first time I’ve ever had to stop leaving the country.  My Nexus card seemed to smooth the way a little with the border guards.

Then the Canadian border crossing went fairly well.  I gave them my Nexus card which didn’t seem to prevent the border patrol agent from asking all the usual questions.

The drive up to Cranbrook went smoothly.  Of course, when I got to Cranbrook, I missed the sign for the Scotia Bank.  This has a gas station and got directions.  When  I headed back I still couldn’t find it.  It was late, and I was tired.  I stopped another gas station and did get proper directions.  I’ll suspend about an hour chatting with a chap who I just bought a 2005 silver Corvette.  We have a lovely discussion about the cars both his and mine.

I got the last room at the Super 8.  It seems like everybody heading into Canada stops in Cranbrook.  Unfortunately, while it was a non-smoking room, it had been a smoking room about two years ago.  The room still smelled a little bit of cigarette smoke.  I could make do.

Went to a local restaurant for dinner and eat too much.  It wasn’t too bad.  Back at the room I tried to do some work in the computer.  Unfortunately even know I was told that I was connected to could not open a browser or work with e-mail.  Have I mentioned how much I hate computers!  I finally get some work done and then went to bed.  It had been a long day.


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