Jellystone Park & Yogibear!

Wednesday, 20 July.  Up and asked them at a reasonable hour.  Today was cool and very nice.  Traffic was light as I headed over to Grand Teton NP on US 26.  During the first part of the drive the mountains kept their distance as I was driving down the center of the valley.  As I closed in on Wyoming and the mountains, the mountains closed in on me.

Just as I left Jackson topped up the gas tank as one never knows when the next gas station will be around.  I also decided to scenery was too nice to race through.  So keeping to the right and pulling off the road when needed, I cruised along about 45 miles an hour.  It was a gorgeous drive.  I stopped several times to take pictures and use up lots and lots of pixels.

The beautiful scenery kept on coming.  As I passed from Grand Teton NP into Yellowstone NP it was eye candy all the way.  I was quite surprised by how light traffic was in Yellowstone.  Of course I did not take the road that went by Old Faithful.  This could be one reason.  However, while the traffic was light, this did not prevent the Yellowstone equivalent of leaf peepers on the road.  While there were approximately 387,936 pull offs along the way, too many drivers preferred to drive 30 miles an hour and a 45 mile an hour zone so they keep get all the scenery in even if it screwed up things for everybody else.  The matter where you go, there they are.and

Eventually I made my way out of the park to Cooke City where I was staying for the night.  It is a town of approximately 100 year-round citizens.  It is also up at about 7900 feet.  Lots of scenery even from the front of my motel room.  However, one view brought to mind that nature can be dangerous as well.  The entire hillside had been burned off several years ago.

As is my wont, I had problems connecting up to the Internet.  The password was most amusing.  The chap at the front desk was kind enough to fiddle around and get me online.  I spent the rest of the evening going next door for a nice steak dinner, puttering on the Internet, and crashing out as I have a long drive the next day.


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