Voldemort is dead!

Tuesday, 19 July.  No big rush to do much today.  The breakfast area at the motel did have half-and-half so I was able to get some coffee to go with the toast and sweet roll.  Elsa chatted with the staff down there since I get to the breakfast area a little late and no one else was there.

I did catch up a little bit on my diary while waiting for Robert to call.  Getting a little antsy I gave Robert a call myself.  It turned out that he would have to work today and couldn’t come by for the movie.  I double checked directions to the cinema with him and headed out.

I had already heard good things about the Harry Potter movie.  They all turned out to be true.  It was an excellent film and wrapped up this series quite well as well as being faithful to the book.  I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  Maybe in a year I will get all the books and reread them.  Then follow this up by getting a hold of the DVDs and watching all the films again.  Something to keep me off the streets and out of trouble.

This was going to be a short day as I’m playing and getting up early to head off to eventually ending up in Cooke City, Montana.  To get their I would be forced to drive through Grand Teton NP as well as Yellowstone NP.  Such is the burden of a traveler.  🙂  It should be a really beautiful drive.


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