The plateau of Gorgorath!

Monday, 18 July.  I sort of slept in as I figured I would have plenty of time to both walk around Craters of the Moon NM and get over to Idaho Falls before it got too late.

It was a short drive under a cloudless sky to the park.  While I’ve been there before, the bizarreness and beauty of the area is very attractive.  I once again suggested that the name some of the trails or paths has in the park after Frodo and Sam.  One of the folk behind a desk cracked up.  She noted, that once a mentioned it, the idea was obvious.

I joined a small number of other people under a tent to listen to a geology lecture on the park.  The lecturer was also a Tolkien fan and agreed with my suggestion.  She noted that they had official suggestion forms in the office.  So after the lecture I went in and filled out the form and made an official suggestion that they name some of the trails and pathways after Frodo and Sam.  While I don’t expect it to get very far, a couple folk will probably get a good chuckle out of my suggestion.

I headed on down the road, using my Olde Pharte’s pass to get in free.  I stopped at all the points on the park map.  They’re about six of them.  Almost all of them had short trails from the parking area.  This gave me a reasonable amount of exercise for the day with temperatures in the 90s.  Even though I knew better, I had forgotten to bring a bottle of water with me.  After several hours of wandering around the park, by the time I returned to the visitor center I was little bit thirsty.  I stayed at the water fountain for a while.

After downing a Snickers bar for energy I had it on down the road to Idaho Falls.  The drive went quicker than I thought it would take when I first planned out the trip.  I arrived and found the Motel 6 right on the street I was coming into town on.  The building looked quite new.  I went to my quite nice room and tried to get on the Internet.  Once again, it’s the speed was rock-bottom with very low signal strength.  Two calls to tech support achieved nothing.  I got the Super 8 number which was just on the other side of the interstate and checked to see if they had a room for two nights.  They did.  I also called customer relations at Motel 6 and said all sorts of nasty things about their Internet connection and how they’ve gotten the cheapest system and never checked that it actually worked in any of the rooms outside of maybe the front desk.

About the time I was getting my money back from the lady at the desk at Motel 6, Robert Little arrived.  He is a friend of Lin’s.  He helped me move, and we went over to the Super 8.  The chapter the front desk was ever so accommodating, as I had asked him about wireless access at the motel, and gave me a business room.  The room not only had wireless but had an access port for an ethernet connection.  I just happened half an ethernet cable with me.  I haz connection!

We spent a good hour chatting while I played around on the computer a little bit.  I also intrigued him with my essay on the solar updraft tower.  But enough was enough and we were getting hungry.  So off we went across town to Sizzlers.  The food was reasonably good and reasonably inexpensive.  We also sat there for another couple of hours or so nattering away.  It was quite a good evening.

We eventually found our way back to my motel and said our goodbyes.  There was a chance that we would be getting together the next day in order to see the Harry Potter film.

Late though it be, I couldn’t resist doing a little bit more on the computer.  Finally some sleep.


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