Welcome to Idaho!

Sunday, 17 July.  I get some rest over the night, but was not prepared for continued nonaccess to the Internet and when I went to Denny’s for breakfast, turns out management is too cheap to buy real half-and-half instead they give you the nondairy crap.  This is not a good start the morning.

With the computer not working packed up early and headed up to Arco.  Being Sunday the traffic was fairly light and once I got clear of Ogden, the pace picked up.  It was a beautiful drive through fairly empty landscape.  I was driving through a wide plain with mountains on both sides.  On the tops of some of these mountains there were still snow packs.  I imagine I will see more of this as I had north.  As I approached Pocatello, the highway of wound through the hills and low mountains.  It was much more fun than driving down a plain.  About 25 miles or so past Pocatello I picked up US26 which would take me to Arco.  This was an excellent two-lane road cutting more or less straight across country with practically no traffic.  I can only assume their people out there but except for the occasional car going in the other direction I didn’t see much indication that there were people in the area.

I found a motel which was a family owned establishment, it looked quite nice.  I checked in and then headed over for lunch as the room wasn’t ready yet.  When I got back, everything was in order.  I connect to my computer which again was getting a very weak signal and turned on the TV to catch the end of the Women’s World Cup finals.  While is a great disappointment for the US team to lose, the fact that it went into overtime and had to be decided by penalty kicks indicated that it was a very exciting end to the entire series.  No one was giving up.  I saw later how the Americans were accused of choking up.  Not sure this is the case.  The expression “choking up” is often used to put down a team that loses no matter how hard a they fight.

I basically kick back and didn’t do very much except watch some TV and eventually do some reading.  I also called a few people to keep in touch.  A rough day.


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