Speed, mountains, & snow, oh my!

Friday, 15 July.  Up way too early so I did get a little sleep with the help of generic Ambien.  Saying my goodbyes to Barb I finish packing up and headed out.  I was headed for Great Basin National Park.

It wasn’t too bad as I headed out picking up 93 North.  Some ways out as I was driving on 93 in the emptiness that can be Nevada, Lightning McWombat, told me he was taking over the car and I should sit back and relax.  I’m not so sure about relaxing though he is a race car driver.  It was long straightaway with no traffic and desert on both sides of the road.  The green numbers in heads-up display kept climbing higher and higher.  When they read 155, Lightning chuckled, and said I could drive again.  It was interesting.

The desert countryside sped by as we continued up 93.  Finally reached the junction with US 50.  There was a hold up due to road construction.  However, as I was turning right and heading for the park I was given the go-ahead.

If you have never been to Great Basin National Park, you’re missing a treat.  The mountain range, and Mount Wheeler in particular, is marvelous.  Entry is free, though there is a charge for the cave tour.  It is not a particularly well visited park.  No mobs of people just some Alpine splendor and solitude.

After checking in at the park office, I got my bearings and headed up the mountain road to the parking lot of the trail that led to the glacier.  The park offices at about 6800 feet.  The parking lot is that about 10,000 feet.  I managed to do about a kilometer of the trail towards the glacier.  I decided after attempting to navigate the trail which led over a snowpack, that hiking this trail in sneakers was not a good idea.  So with a tip of the hat to the mountain I headed back.  2 km of hiking at that altitude is a fair amount of work.  In any case the mountain was glorious, I met some neat people along the way, and enjoyed the short hike that I did do.

As is the case on almost any of my travels, I ran into some Germans and was able to attempt to speak German with them.  It is great fun and I’m looking forward to attempting to relearn German upon my return home.  Who knows, I may be able to use it next spring.

On the drive back to Ely I got very lucky.  I came up a to the construction zone just as the cars leaving.  In fact the lady with the slow sign was turning it to stop just as I came up and waved me through.  Otherwise I would have had a 30 minute wait.

I found the Motel 6 without any problem, checked in, and then went in search of some food.  On my return I tried to get on the Internet, but had some problems.  I finally called the company that provides the service and they walked me through getting online.  Have I mentioned how much I hate computers.


2 Responses to “Speed, mountains, & snow, oh my!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Sounds as if you’re having a big ol’ time. Wish I could be road tripping with you.

    • The Wombat Says:

      Hi Trevor! Yes, the trip has been pretty good so far.

      Off to Craters of the Moon NM tomorrow.

      In the 90’s in Arco, ID.

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