Attack of the POD people, followed by murder

Thursday, 14 July.  I got a little bit earlier after poor night’s sleep.  The situation wasn’t helped by the appearance of the POD people next door.  The person who lives there was moving and having all her belongings put in to POD containers.  This resulted in lots of noise at 7 a.m.  I was not a happy wombat.

I finally get to work catching up on my diary, as well as e-mail.  I also went out in the sun to get some meds and gasoline.  Actually, it wasn’t that out with the temperature in the upper 80s.  Had it been 88 in Albany I probably would’ve been panting and very and comfortable.  Dry heat really is different.

I got back and lazed about.  Arbor and I are going to head off and take in a dinner theater tonight.  We have seen this dinner theater in the past and probably a more intimate setting.  The play is called “Marriage Can Be Murder.”  The two times we’d previously seen it, the play was slightly different both times.  I am hoping that the move to a casino as the host venue, it had been held in a small breakfast restaurant, will not detract from the intimacy.  We sought when it was held in a restaurant.  In a case we are both looking forward to seeing the play again.  I do hope the actor who played the hostess the first time we attended the play will be our hostess again.  She played the blonde ditz to perfection.  She really is a marvelous actor.

We found our way to the casino without too much trouble.  Driving on and about The Strip is always a hassle.  The picked up our tickets and went to see club where the play was to be held.  The wise-ass door Warden asked for some help.  I volunteered and passed out the plastic cards for dead beast.  Even in line while waiting for the door to open the laughs came easily and often.  The room itself was not too big which was very nice.  I believe the max seating is 60 people.  This is the kind of dinner theater where the more you interact with the actors for more fun it is.  Barb got picked on by our host and was called the Cougar.  Two other ladies were also singled out by the host.  Then the hostess, Lola, came in and the fun really began.  I don’t believe I saw her at the other venue.  In any case she did blond ditz exceedingly well.  Almost immediately people began to get killed off.  I had been designated as one of the pallbearers for any of the dead bodies that showed up.  The fun and insanity continued and several people could hardly stop laughing the entire evening.  During some pauses the audience was to mingle and ask people he didn’t know what would cause them to kill someone and what would they use.  I said if they mess with my car I would beat them in too much with a mucking big club.  They would feel my pain.  I also gave out a couple of my wombat backrub cards.  For some reason this and use some people.  One of the people to whom I gave my card was a young lady at the next table sitting adjacent to me.

Finally it was crunch time, who was the murderer?  For some reason, I’m not sure if it is because I am psychic or psychotic, I looked at the young lady sitting adjacent to me at the next table and said, you are the murderer.  She just looked back at me.

The police Lt. returned and started laying out all the clues.  Slowly it became obvious just to the murderer was.  It WAS the young ladies sitting at the next table adjacent to me.  She jumped up and ran to the stage brandishing what looked to be a .38.  As she explained her motivation becoming more hostile to the audience, she demanded that I stand up.  Obviously, she was threatening to shoot me.  I was not worried as I was wearing my summer weight “invisible guard all shield.”  I wouldn’t even notice a .38.  Now a Mosin could cause me trouble.  However before she could attempt her dastardly deed the cop shot her dead.  Her reign of murder was over!

On the way out we congratulated the cast for an excellent evenings entertainment.  I can only recommend the show to anyone who is visiting Vegas or lives there.  Even the food wasn’t too bad.

And that the Barb’s place an attempt to get a decent night’s sleep.  On Friday I had miles to go.


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