Down 66 & then on to Vegas!

Tuesday, 12 July.  I was up fairly early as I had a goodly distance to drive today.  A breakfast at Denny’s got me going.

For the first part of the trip I was going to try and take as much of route66 as I could.  I was able to follow Route 66 all the way to the Bagdad Café.  I’d stop here on several occasions.  And as I found on earlier occasions, there were a number of tourists driving Route 66 at the café.  I had decided to buy another Bagdad Café T-shirt and noted to the manager that the earlier T-shirt had fallen apart and laundry.  He asked if it was a black T-shirt, and when I agreed, he noted that they had had a problem with said T-shirts several years ago.  He gave me a discount because of this on the one I bought.

I had a nice conversation, while a partial conversation, with two carloads of French tourists.  We more or less made ourselves understandable to each other.  One of the chaps photographed me in Red Shift.

I drove a little way down route66 but returned to the interstate as the road was really pretty bad.  I then backtracked from the interstate to Amboy where I got some gas, a Pepsi, and some chocolate.  Lunch for the road.  Gas was cheap by European standards.  It was only$4.99.9 a gallon for premium.  Later on I passed another gas station where it was even higher.  From Amboy I continued on route66 all the way to Goffs.  There I picked up US95 and headed up to Vegas.

It was an easy drive.  I got to Vegas just in front of rush-hour and had no problem driving to Barb’s place.  It was nice to get out of the sun.  It wasn’t that hard but the temperature was right around 100.

Then came the fun.  Are the forgotten the key password so that I could connect up on the wireless.  After several hours things finally worked, for short time.  All of a sudden I was no longer connected to the Internet.  At this point the chap from the geek squad who had set up Barb’s computer back in September answered our call to him.  I then spent the next 20 minutes or so working with him to reset the routers and various geeky computer things.  At last, I was on the computer and connected to the universe.

Who is also time for some food.  It was late so we ended up going off to Denny’s for actually a reasonably decent meal.  On the way out we ended up chatting for about 15 minutes with another customer.  He also was a transplant and been in Vegas for about 15 years.  It also turned out that he had graduated high school the same year I did.


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