The Marvelous Lady C!

Sunday, 10 July.  I woke up after a so-so night’s sleep.  Sue prefers to keep her house about 10° warmer than I like.  Such is life.

I got my act together and headed off to the café de leche for my rendezvous with Lady C.  The drive over was fairly quick as it was a clock in the morning on Sunday except for the detour where they had closed off the 134.  This added about 10 minutes to drive but was not serious.

I found the café, parked my car, and walked inside.  As I did, I  A heard a crunch.  A woman driving her electric wheelchair down the bike lane had collided with a car turning right at the corner.  While shook up the woman in the wheelchair did not appear to be hurt.

I had a cup of coffee and a bagel while waiting for Lady C to arrive.

At 10:30 precisely Lady C walked in the door.  I told her that I had arrived early as no gentleman makes Lady wait.  We then headed off, I followed her directions to get to the proper road, for Angeles Crest highway.  It could hardly get much better: a hot car, a warm sunny day, and an intelligent, charming, witty, fascinating, and incidentally very good-looking blond young lady sitting beside me in my Corvette.

The drive up Angeles Crest was as beautiful as expected.  Whenever we stopped, which we did to from time to time, the quiet just added to the beauty of the surroundings.  The road was fun to drive, and I took it slow enough so that we could talk as we zipped through the corners.  We traded bits and pieces of our life stories.

When we reach Newcomb’s Ranch restaurant, we found a parking lot overflowing with motorbikes.  It looked like a biker’s convention.  Nevertheless there is plenty of room for us to find a table, and we had a very nice lunch.  The food was good, the prices not bad at all, and the company exquisite.

After we had our fill we headed back down the hill, again stopping to enjoy the marvelous scenery.  All too soon we were back in South Pasadena and our luncheon date was over.  Boo-hoo!  Lady C was kind enough to help me put the top back on car, we did bid adieu, and went our separate ways.  It was a most delightful ”date.”

Once a get back to Sue’s place I pulled all my stuff together and prepared to head out.  I really didn’t see myself in convenient seeing her by trying to have her turn down the air conditioner to something it was comfortable for me.  I also really needed to get back on the Internet to do some work.  So I called and booked a room at the Motel 6 in Simi Valley.  This would allow me to use the Internet and be about 10 minutes from the lunch location.  We did our farewells and I headed out to Simi Valley.

The drive was easy with no real traffic problems and I found a room that had a fairly decent connection.

This is the end to actually a very good day.


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