Mongols ARE tasty!

Saturday, 9 July.  Up and in need of some coffee!  I almost didn’t get the coffee that I wanted.  First things first I did some work on my diary.  I even read some e-mail.  Couldn’t get online but there were a couple e-mails with attachments ever change ahead of time to read them.

But I went to use my electric razor, I’ll woe is me, the electric razor after only 20 years was stand.  So Sue and I headed out, first for Denny’s to get some coffee and food and then over to Wal-Mart where I could get my electric razor.

When you get to Denny’s the first thing that happened was being told that they didn’t have any half-and-half.  I noted this to the manager saying I would not frequent Denny’s for breakfast anymore.  He was astounded and pointed out that they did have half-and-half and was able to obtain some for me.  The world is again right.

With some sustenance within us we headed over to Wal-Mart.  I was looking for an electric razor and Sue was looking for a tasty delights for her grandson/grandchildren.  We are both successful in our quests.

I spent the afternoon relaxing before we headed off to Mogo’s Mongolian restaurant and the meeting of the Tasty Mongols’ Horde Salon.  I also and emptied out the car so that I could take the top off for the drive over to the restaurant.  As Sue is letting me keep my car in her garage, I will leave the top off for tomorrow’s drive with Lady C.  A drive I’m really looking forward to.  Lin and others are convinced that an article in the LA Times will result from the drive and conversation we have during the drive and at lunch.  I guess, this is a possibility.

Sue and I got to the restaurant early.  While there we found out that the freeways, as usual, were totally screwed up.  Everyone would be late.  Nevertheless, when we assembled, we all agreed that the Mongols were tasty.  We also had a delightful conversation going until we closed the restaurant as is usual.  Red Shift also got a certain amount of attention.  All in all it was lovely evening.


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