A laid back Friday!

Friday, 8 July.  After a decent night’s sleep or really rest more than sleep I broke down and did my exercises before he is a computer and catching up on e-mail and updating my diary.  My blog is now up-to-date though I may not be able to update it for several days.  I’ll check with Su to see if I have a way of updating from her house.

I blessed Kim who has left the makings for coffee ready for me.  All I had to do was turn on the coffee maker.  Coffee and some sourdough bread was enough to get me and keep me going for a while.

I slowly, it is morning after all, packed my stuff and loaded the car.  The day promised to be hot and somewhat humid at least to my senses.  By the time the car and I was ready to leave I was pretty well dripping.

I said my goodbyes, topped up the gas tank, and headed up to the I-15.  Traffic was actually fairly light, for LA, until I got about halfway through the stretch of 134.  At this point traffic came to more or less a screeching halt.  The inching along of five lanes of cars continued past the 405.  A couple miles from Reseda Boulevard traffic opened up and I continued on my way.  I had no trouble finding Sue’s place.

Sue’s daughter and grandson were there.  We had a nice chat, and I was able to down a couple glasses of ice water.  The A. C. in the car was not quite up to 100° heat under clear skies.  It did keep me dry and somewhat cool.  This was good enough.

After Sue’s daughter and grandson had left, still held me unload some of my stuff from the car.  I took this time also to call Mogo’s Mongolian restaurant and reserve a big table or tables for the expected 15 or more folk for our meeting of the Tasty Mongols’ Horde Salon.

We then decided to go to Bernie’s Deli for dinner.  I had a kosher corned beef sandwich and Sue had pastrami.  They were huge sandwiches and pretty good.  We had what appeared to be a homeless lady sitting at a table behind us and a chap who seem to be wandering through the deli passed by.  It added to the atmosphere.

Afterwards we came back and just kicked back.  I got to watch a strange thing called television for a couple hours before calling it a night.  I did get in some reading before he turned out to light.  I’m working my way through the last five novels by Upfield.  He does write an interesting mystery.


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