Twisty road, Scallops, & Flirting!

Thursday, 7 July.  While the early part of the night was rough, the second half went pretty well and I actually got some sleep.  The coffee machine was waiting for me and I had some coffee and sourdough bread.  Enough to get me going and keep me going.

It was another beautiful day in paradise, and Kim suggested, we take a ride on a nice, somewhat twisty road.  It is called the Ortega Highway.  It was a marvelous drive through varying scenery.  Much of the hilly, mountainous area was pretty stark.  In other places the trees grew thick and tall.  We eventually came out at the Pacific Ocean.  The only minor drawback where the slow-moving cars in front of me.  It is a fun road to drive.  We then when did our way down I-5 to the first major road across the mountains back to I-15.  Both this road and I-15 were boring.

After I got back to Kim’s place, I kicked back and relaxed until Susan came home.  We all then decided to go out to a seafood restaurant for dinner.  The restaurant was quite good, and I had the chance to chat with the chef over why Lobster Newburgh never seems to be on the menu of seafood restaurants.  As it was I had grilled scallops which were excellent.  I also enjoyed flirting with the waitress who took it in fine fashion.  For dessert I broke down and had Crème Brûlée.  It was quite good.

As Kim and Susan had to run an errand, this was the reason we took two cars, they headed off on their errand while I headed back to catch up on e-mail and my diary.

Tomorrow, I get my act together and head to the other side of the LA basin.  I’ll be staying with Susan Shapiro up in Tarzana.  I’m not quite looking forward to the 2 Hour Drive.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and it will be less.  We will probably go out for dinner.  Susan is interested in seeing and getting a ride in Red Shift.


One Response to “Twisty road, Scallops, & Flirting!”

  1. LinD Says:

    You seem to be finding lots of lovely ladies to flirt with, this trip. Huzzah!

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