A lazy day & good news!

Wednesday, 6 July.  I sort of slept in.  Once up they endeavored to clear some of my e-mail and see what was happening in the world.  Eventually, Susan got up, and I dragged her with me when I went over to get my PSA taken.  The oncologist wants me to take it several times during my trip.

After meeting with the vampire Susan I went over to the local Denny’s and had some breakfast.  The day is partly sunny, warm, and somewhat humid.

This lovely lazy day and I was able to do some e-mail and basically chill out.  Then I got the e-mail I was really looking for.  It was the e-mail from Susan Carpenter, who is a reporter at the LA Times.  I first contacted her after she did an excellent review of the 2011 Corvette.  I didn’t have a 2011 Corvette, but I did he have a 2010 Corvette.  I asked her she wanted to go for ride in my Corvette.  She said, yes.  We’ve kept in touch, and we have finally locked down our ride for Sunday, 10 July.  As she is a native to the area, and I am not, I let her pick the restaurant for lunch.  Her choice was Newcomb’s Ranch restaurant on Angeles Crest Highway.  What a delightful road to go for ride on in the Corvette.  The road seems to have been laid out by more than one drunken snake with hiccups.  One snake would not have been enough to lay out the road.  I am really looking forward to the drive on Sunday.


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