Where are all the costumes?

Saturday, 2 July.  The to programming for Westercon left a little bit to be desired as far as I was concerned.  Lin was equally unenthused.  We did check in with the masquerade director.  We would be both helping out for the masquerade that evening.

We the lovely cup of coffee and pastry with Alyson Abramowitz and the young teenage boy who Alyson is mentoring.  The lad seems quite bright and, apparently, definitely needs a helping hand.

After sitting with Allison for about an hour having a nice chat, Lin and I headed up to is the masquerade Green room.  The masquerade was small, but quite good, and it’s a pity that some of the people in the audience will take the big step and enter a masquerade.  Some of the costumes in the audience were quite excellent.

Then off to the parties, unfortunately there were only four, which were enjoyable but little bit too crowded to be able to have a nice chat with people who were there.


4 Responses to “Where are all the costumes?”

  1. Sue Bursztynski Says:

    Where indeed are the costumes? At least there were people in costume. Here, we seem, at best, to have moved to something called a Maskobalo, which means everyone who wants to come in costume does and there’s loud music and a lot of dancing around. The costumers have mostly moved to the Costumers Guild, which doesn’t come to cons, to the Terry Pratchett conventions, where costuming is wonderful and the huge Supanova and Armageddon events which aren’t really cons as we know them, but do have a masquerade and lots of people hanging out in hall costume. Some of these are better than I’ve seen in con masquerades. Last year I saw a girl dressed as the heroine of Pirates of the Caribbean and it was superb. She turned out to be a Year 12 student who had spent six months on it. I advised her to look up the Costumers Guild. A few years ago she could have come to any SF con and won first prize in the costume parade.

    • The Wombat Says:

      Several persons felt some of the best costumes were in the audience.

      I have no idea of what it would take to get someone up on stage. It really isn’t that bad.

  2. Sue Bursztynski Says:

    Some people are just shy. This is a common complaint. Years ago, at one of Susan Batho’s Medtrek cons, they had something called the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for people who didn’t want to go on stage, but did want to costume. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, the media were there in force (I ended up on TV!) and I won first prize for my costume – a black gown with sequinned stars on it and the USS Enterprise on my head, made of cardboard and silver foil. The judge was Bjo Trimble, who said she’d never seen anything like it! It’s a good idea and to some extent they’re doing it still with the Maskobalo, but I liked it better at Medtrek – during the day and outside, with no loud music in the background!

    • The Wombat Says:

      Hi Sue,

      Yes, shyness is a contributing factor. However, they will wander abut the con dressed up.

      I guess, getting on stage may be the biggest hurdle. It really isn’t all that traumatic. 🙂

      Congrats for winning.


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