The con commences!

Friday, 1 July.  Slept in, which is not a bad idea, puttered on the computer, and finally went out for breakfast at Peggy Sue’s.  Though it was past breakfast time, the manager was kind enough to make us pancakes.

Just in time we went over for a panel on the impact of the Internet on society and law.  It was quite fascinating.  One of the panelists works in doing special effects for major motion picture studios.  So being humble, shy, and retiring I asked them about a job for Lin.  It turned out he didn’t have anything for Lin, but her co-conspirator in crime, Beth, did seem me have the background that was needed for one of the two positions he was actually looking for.  We shall see what happens.

We did drop by another panel later that afternoon.  The convention was the quiet.  Lin and I headed out to wander the neighborhood ending up at PF Chang’s Chinese restaurant.  The food was good and more than plentiful.  We came back and hit a few parties before crashing out.  There should’ve been more parties.


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