Kicking back in Style!

Thursday, 30 June.  Up at nine o’clock, we packed the car full, and I mean full, and then headed over for breakfast.  While packing the car a gentleman along with his son came over.  He had owned a Vette at one time.  We a lovely chat.  His son still lived in Germany and I was able to speaks in German.  Woot!  I also tried to get Lin a job with the chap.  🙂

The drive down from Oakland to San Jose was quite reasonable and smooth with no hang-ups on the drive.  We had no real problem finding the hotel and getting settled.  I had called several weeks earlier about parking my car myself rather than having one of the valets do it.  I received no heartburn, and my car is parked about as close to the elevators and entrance to the hotel as one can get.

Because I was a member of the Fairmont Presidents Club, we got a deluxe room in the south tower.  To say it was a little different than the previous night in the Motel 6 is a slight understatement.  The room was really nice, the bathroom was five times the size of my railroad car room, at least, and best of all we get free Internet access.  It was worth about $15 a day.

We then wandered over to the main hotel building and try to find where we could go to get registered.  This turned out to be quite easy and we wandered about a little bit before returning to the room.  There we were serenaded by the music in the park just outside the window.  It was loud, not too bad, and over, thank God, at nine o’clock.  We then settled for some haut cuisine over at Johnny Rockets.  The end of a good day.


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