Back on the Glass Road!

Monday, 4 July.  Happy birthday America!  We finished packing and made ready to leave.  I called Joy Day to confirm in our get-together “Lunner!”  Joy is a marvelous artist who works in glass.

We found US 101 without too much trouble and headed south.  After while I noticed that I had forgotten to get gas.  So we pulled off the road and went looking for a town with a petrol station.  This proved old little bit more difficult than I thought.  We drove through some very pretty countryside but not a town to be seen.  With the car telling me I was low on fuel I finally reached Gilroy.  I pulled into the first gas station and put 16 gallons of fuel in the car.  Whew!

We headed back down 101, through flat empty countryside, till we reached Salinas were returned on and do a side road, Route 68, and then we turned off at another side road into the hills.  Eventually we came to Carmel Valley Road and found their way to the Running Iron.  Short time later we were met with Chile and her partner BJ.  I had French toast while the others had hamburgers.  Joy presented me with a glass wine bottle stopper that is just a marvelous swirl of white and blue.

Several hours later we on a continued on down the road to Paso Robles.  Where we stayed the night.  The neat thing was continuing on Carmel Valley Road all the way to US 101.  For some reason I thought the road ended up in the hills and didn’t go anywhere.  The road continued on, obviously laid out by a drunken snake with the hiccup’s.  I had a marvelous time driving the road with all the twists and turns.  There are few portions where Lin closed her eyes and squeezed Lightning McWombat nearly into a squeaky toy.  Lin has a slight problem with roads that have a sheer drop off on her side.

After chowing down at the local Denny’s, we crossed the street and found the Motel 6 with no problem though it was guarded by a road with some serious holes in it.


8 Responses to “Back on the Glass Road!”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    I’ve run out of gas partway between point A and point B before. It ain’t no fun.
    You found a gas station just in the nick of time. I’ve been Praying for you. Sounds as if God is answering.

    • The Wombat Says:

      I’m more than happy to accept any help can get. Thanx!

      I usually, don’t let the tank get that empty. Forget and one gets into deep trouble.

  2. Gillian Says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog entries but was wondering if you are using speech recognition software rather than typing it out yourself as there have been some interesting sentences!

    Denise and I tried DragonActually some years ago and, not having a Canadian English option, had to set it to American for her and British for me! We still got some odd words thrown in occasionally.

    • The Wombat Says:

      Hi Gillian,

      Yes, I’m using Dragon. What I hadn’t been doing was really proofreading it. 😦

      I’m trying to do better. 🙂


      • Trevor Hilton Says:

        Does it understand your accent? If so, do y’all think it’s gunna u’nnerstan’ mah suthun’ ‘Merican ahccent?

      • The Wombat Says:

        Yes Trevor, it does understand my accent, sometimes.

        Using a dragon is usually faster. As I noted, I will try and proof read my comments a little better.

        I wonder how it we handle my German. 🙂

    • Gillian Says:

      Generally, it is quite understandable, but the odd funny bit does creep in! And, after all, who am I to complain when you are allowing me to vicariously travel along with you on this great trip.

      • The Wombat Says:

        Hi Gillian,

        Yes unless I proofread my comments more thoroughly, funny bits to creep in.

        I do hope you’re enjoying the diary of my trip.

        Moving locations on Friday, the meeting of the Tasty Mongols’ Horde Salon on Saturday, on Sunday I take an LA Times reporter for a spin in Red Shift.

        Twisty roads laid out by drunken snakes with hiccups are so much fun to drive.

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