Vrooming in Red Shift

Wednesday, 29 June.  We got up about nine, sorted out we are we were going to be staying that night, we decided to stay at Motel 6, and contacted the Chevy dealer about a courtesy ride over to the dealership so I could pick up Red Shift.

After an okay breakfast we went for a ride.  Across to San Francisco, over the golden gate bridge, then up California 1 for quite a distance.  Oh yes it was too nice today so we took the top off the car.  Whee!  The weather continued to improve in the sun came out as we drove north and then east.  The drive up the coast brought back to me just help pretty the landscape is north of San Francisco.  As we turned inland we were soon surrounded by acres and acres of vineyards.  Inland is also got warmer.

We stopped for dinner and the lovely town of Napa.  Papa Joe’s restaurant was quite nice and we had an excellent dinner.  Then down the highway back to sunny Oakland.


2 Responses to “Vrooming in Red Shift”

  1. Trevor Hilton Says:

    Burn some rubber for me.

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