The last train to Emeryville!

Tuesday, 28 June.  Sort of slept in and was number 21 on the list for breakfast.  To wait I went into the club car which also ahead ceiling panels he could see through it was quite bright and pretty.  I ended up chatting with a young lady and her mother on from Michigan who heading out to California for a vacation.  The young lady was an incipient geek she liked science fiction, she wanted to write it, and enjoyed being slightly weird.  Oh yes, she likes guns as well.  The  I gave her mother my contact information should they wish to pursue the subject.

After a reasonable breakfast, it was edible food, we were stopped in Salt Lake City and I took the opportunity to get off and walk around in the sun and enjoys some non-train air.  Right now I have slightly under 24 hours yet to go, hopefully it’s no longer than that, until I reach Emeryville meet up with Lin and go in get Red Shift.

With power to restore to the outlet in my room I could charge might have known and am in the process of charging my computer while I update my diary.  I had more room I use my mouse and it would make playing solitaire much easier.  It’s a beautiful day as we drive across Utah into Nevada the mountains are pretty blue skies and clouds here and there and this is almost like a real train ride to work for the huge delay.

The I was taking a break and then I looked out the window and there I was running across, the train tracks go right across the southern portion of the Great Salt Lake.  There is water on both sides of us.  No neat is that.  This reminds you this time I came across with water on both sides of the interstate as I drove from Nevada into Utah.  At that time the area had picked up some rain and instead of salt we had the Great Salt Lake extension which was really quite pretty.  I wonder if there will be water covering some of the salt flats to the west of the lake.  This is some amazing country and when we pass from Utah into Nevada the mountains seem to cease ages have flat barren land stretching out in front of you for miles.

The emptiness and barrenness of the Utah panhandle as the train crosses the flat salt fields towards Nevada is very impressive.  I can’t imagine trying to cross this area covered wagons.

There is enough of a win to raise the powdered salt or a very fine sand that covers the ground here you have sort of a minor dust storm blowing in front of the wind.

I relaxed and watch Utah and Nevada passed by the window.  Just before I went for dinner, I looked out the window at the railroad crossing with the accident had occurred.  Dinner was what the train crew could scrape together as lunch had been the last official meal.  The chicken wasn’t too, but, there was no dessert.

Just about all of California went by unnoticed as I was crashed out in my coffin, er, bedroom.  The steward woke me up about 0300 or 0330 to let me know we were approaching Emeryville, finally.

And when did my way through the terminal and asked the gentleman behind the counter to find me a cab.  It was now five minutes to four in the morning.  I was able to find a cab, since none of the Companies were answering their phone, to take me to the Motel 6 adjacent to the Oakland airport.  I got there sometime around 4:30 or a quarter to five.  I woke up Lin who helped me drag my bags up the stairs, gave me a hug, and pointed me at the shower.  Of course we had to talk a little bit so that God  only knows when I finally turned out to light.


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